Wood Core Composite Wood Why wood plastic composite?

The material, which is an eco-friendly combination of recycled wood flour and recycled plastic,
has opened new doors for the construction materials market.

Why wood plastic composite?

Wood plastic composite is an eco-friendly material composed of natural wood (wood powder) and polymer (PP, PE or PVC). It is a new type of exterior material with luxurious wood texture, the scent of solid wood, water resistance, moisture resistance, and insect resistance.

Wood plastic composite is a product made by extruding wood powder and polymer resin to compensate for the shortcomings of wood. It has been widely used as a substitute for wood for more than 15 years. It is becoming increasingly common in not only the United States but also Japan and Europe.

Wood plastic composite is an eco-friendly product that is harmless to the human body, is recyclable, and has excellent resistance/durability against heat, humidity, shock, friction, etc. Its use is rapidly expanding in the field of building materials.

Wood Plastic Composite

Why wood plastic composite?

Wood plastic composite refers to a plate-like material or three-dimensionally processed product created by extruding a compound with a structure in which fibers from recycled wood flour and thermoplastic polymer resin such as PE polyethylene and PP polyprophylene are combined.

Wood plastic composite uses recycled wood and plastic, so it helps save resources and reduce waste. In addition, as an eco-friendly alternative to natural wood that can solve the problems of environmental pollution, low durability, and low antibacterial resistance, it is rapidly spreading around the world and its scope of use is constantly being expanded.

Characteristics of Wood Plastic Composite

  • Anti-slip
    Various surface treatments offer an aesthetic effect as well as an anti-slip effect.
  • Variety in color
    A variety of installations and patterning is possible.
  • Economical
    No additional maintenance is required.
  • Wide variety of choices
    We manufacture products of various specifications (500 types of standard products; OEM is also an option).
  • Resource Recycling
    Contributes to nature conservation as a truly eco-friendly recycled product
  • Excellent anti-bacterial properties
    Excellent anti-bacterial properties with resistance against discoloration and mold
  • Safe
    Free from preservatives and harmful elements
  • Convenient installation
    Can be installed in the same way as ordinary wood, using a special clip
Global Preservation Treatment Wood Regulations and Wood Plastic Composite
Wood materials used for outdoor facilities, which we often think of as eco-friendly wood, are in fact treated with chemical preservatives to prevent corrosion. This is becoming a social issue, as such materials are said to release poisonous heavy metals that are fatal to the ecosystem and the human body.

In addition, half of the world's wood production is still being used as fuel. In other words, contrary to the perception that trees absorb greenhouse gases, wood materials are contributing to global warming and desertification. Wood plastic composite, a natural substitute, is rapidly growing due to the ban on the use of preservative-treated wood (CCA), which threatens the environment and is harmful to public health.

In the future, with growing interest in children's health and the environment, consumers' preference for WPC is expected to increase. In the coming low-carbon society, wood plastic composite will contribute to greenhouse gas reduction and help protect forests as an alternative to wood.


  • Step 01
    Blending of raw materials
    Wood flour and plastic resin are
    blended in an appropriate ratio.
  • Step 02
    The blended raw material is extruded
    and molded.
  • Step 03
    Surface Processing
    The surface of the product is processed
    for aesthetic and functional purposes.
  • Step 04
    Product Packaging
    The product is cut to the appropriate
    size and then packaged.
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