Li-Fi Lighting Molding LED Non-Slip Bar

Non-slip anti-static aluminum lighting molding
LED Road bar LiFi 50NL
The six-colored LED bar on the lower part of the Li-Fi 50NL creates a beautiful deck road. The LED bars inserted in between the aluminum are water resistant.

A new level of design

Anti-static non-slip molding meets high-quality LED lighting

LED Road bar LiFi 50NL

Deck Finish Lighting Features

Stair non-slip function

Stair indirect lighting function

Various lighting effects

Indirect induction lighting function at nighttime

Reinforced rigidity by using special aluminum

The water-repellent LED bar makes outdoor installation possible.

Various colors and sizes available

Domestic patent and design registrations

An upgraded, radiant space

Experience Li-Fi that will complete your special space with both design and safety.


Color temperatture Color External Dimensions Waterproof Specifications

9000K (12V, 24V)

6000K (12V, 24V)

4000K (12V, 24V)

3000K (12V, 24V)

RED (12V, 24V)

GREEN (12V, 24V)

BLUE (12V, 24V)

Transparent socket

White socket

Pink socket

Yellow socket




Width 50mm
Height 60mm

Length 600 / 1200 / 1500mm
order production
Water resistant
* Outdoors installation

Length adjustable in
50mm increments

Custom color for
AL bars available

Custom color for
finishing caps

Can select electrostatic
electron beam

The 6 color LED bars create
a beautiful deck road.
Various colors
All color
Green color
Orange color
Purple color
Red color
White color
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