Wood Core Composite Wood Prefab Deck

Various uses of wood plastic composite and new products
Wood plastic composite is an eco-friendly product and a perfect substitute for natural wood, and its application continues to expand. In Europe, America, etc., WPC is increasingly being used as a substitute for wood for landscaping facilities, furniture, pergolas, general furniture and tiles. If you are planning to use wood plastic composite and wish to gain information about it, please feel free to contact us.

Prefab Deck Tiles

What about composite wood (WPC) tiles?

The material, which is an eco-friendly combination of recycled wood flour and recycled plastic, has opened new doors for the construction materials market.

Wood plastic composite (WPC) tiles are more economical than natural wood tiles and can be installed by anyone with minimum professional expertise. It is a semi-permanent product with excellent durability that does not deform or discolor and can be used in various spaces such as verandas, balconies, and swimming pools.

  • Economical
    Reasonably priced compared to natural wood tiles

    Costs are minimized through direct production
  • Can be installed by anyone
    This product can be installed by anyone with minimum professional exptertise.

    No installation costs since there is no need for a professional installation team.
  • Easy management
    Semi-permanent product that does not rot, crack, or warp

    Contaminated areas will come out looking like new when cleaned with water

    It is thorn-free even when it gets old, so it is okay to step on with bare feet.
  • Various uses
    Veranda, Balcony, Rooftop, Swimming Pool, Backyard, Indoors, etc.

    Can be used anywhere with a flat floor
Change the atmosphere easily with your own interior design!
Easy Decking Composite Wood Tile
Prefabricated deck that is more economical and easier to
install and manage than solid wood
Anyone can assemble without difficulty!
All you have to do is insert the groove between the tile and the tile and you're done! It can be easily installed by women as well.
Easy management, easy cleaning
It is strong against moisture, so it can be used outdoors. It can also be cleaned with water. It is thorn-free even when it gets old, so it is okay to step on with bare feet.
Various installations are possible depending on the characteristics of the space
With various specifications and colors, different productions such as primary colors/combinations are possible depending on the interior of the space.

Prefab Deck Product Types and Specifications

Prefab Deck

  • Easy Decking Title(A-Type)
    300mm x 300mm x 21T
  • Easy Decking Title(A-Type)
    300mm x 300mm x 21T
  • Easy Decking Title(B-Type)
    600mm x 140mm x 31T
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